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Project SEKAI: Hatsune Miku

Project SEKAI: Hatsune Miku

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Embark on the incredible musical adventure together with Hatsune Miku in Project SEKAI! Check how well you feel the rhythm and demonstrate your abilities on a virtual stage. There are multiple fantastically vivid characters that are waiting for you to join them in their immense concert.

Gameplay Project SEKAI

Unlike most projects of this genre, this game has a captivating plot, together with stunning gameplay that includes multiple types of controls. Learn to tap, flick and move through the screen, recreating famous songs, performed by digital idols. Apply the boosts too, but do it wisely, as they are limited! Feel the magical and surreal atmosphere, delving into the whirlpool of delightful melodies.

Also, get acquainted with the system of ranking and raise higher and higher. Whether you prefer small contests with your buddies or you are apt to showing your full potential in the exciting rank matches, the game gives many opportunities to demonstrate your exceptional abilities in Project SEKAI.

Another additional, but interesting element of the game is altering the characters, according to your needs or mood. There are hundreds of outfits for each hero, but you will need to make some effort in order to get them all. Special events and successful performances will help you to gather the complete collection.

Discover the true stories of the Vocaloids

The more time you spend in Project SEKAI, the more secrets and curious scenes you can obtain. Gain the experience points and acquire new chapters from the plot, where you may listen to the conversations between the heroes and learn more about their peculiarities and motivations.

Apart from the six Virtual Singers, with Hatsune Miku as the leader, there are other performers that form diverse music bands. Get to know Leo/need or MORE MORE JUMP! and you will have a chance to set up your own group with their members in the live mode.

The game also offers a free regime for those, who have already accomplished the whole narrative and want to practise more. The complete list of songs is here for you to try, so hurry up and arrange one of the most sophisticated and wonderful shows of all times!

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