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Take a look at a fantastic multiverse, where digital and real world are merging into some unbelievable mix! Being fond of various tunes, you will be more than pleased to perform unmatched melodies, featuring multiple talented singers.

About Game Project SEKAI

Project SEKAI is an extremely large-scale project which is a result of an ultimate collaboration of SEGA, Craft Egg, Colorful Palette, and Crypton Future Media’s efforts. The game is brimming with exciting features and introduces absolutely new rhythm gameplay.

Although the game was first released in Japan on September 30, 2020 for iOS and Android, it was globally introduced only a year later. The name also underwent some changes and from Project SEKAI it was switched to HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! As the name suggests, you are going to meet the famous virtual performer and embark with her on an amazing journey in the musical field.

Take the role of a common girl Hoshino Ichika, who suddenly encountered an unknown song right on her mobile phone. This event becomes the beginning of her pursuits, as now she will have to perform with popular idols and quickly improve her skills on the way to success.

Gameplay Project SEKAI

Being a rhythm game, Project SEKAI is mostly built on performing beautiful tracks by showing off your ear for music. Press the buttons and follow the paths on the screen to the tune and let all the sounds fuse in a perfect harmony. Each well-made movement will bring you a certain number of points to spend on various upgrades and decorations.

Raise your score to the maximum in order to achieve the best grade. Combos will slightly boost your progress and enhance your results. Make all the members of the group work well-coordinated and you will have a chance to check out more breath-taking songs! Also, don’t forget about admiring their detailed outfits that are ideal for cosplay.

Project SEKAI

Apart from a fantastically captivating system of controls, Project SEKAI also presents an ultimate storyline, where you will have to gather six different heroes from diverse groups. Convince them to join you, demonstrating your immense skills and form your own team later, to participate in live regimes.

Once you have reached the end of the plot, it is time to create your own narrative and compose your very own group! Select four singers from the list and head to the greatest tournament of all times.

Take part in this event alone or rejoice in a duet. Besides, for the competitive players, there is a Rank Match where you can face other experienced performers on the way to the top place in the chart.


One of the most notable features of the game is certainly its unique personages. They are beautiful, stunning and just adorable and you will have an opportunity to work with all of them! Pick up the song and enjoy their impeccable performances and energetic atmosphere. The first group you will meet will be The Virtual Singers or Vocaloids:

  • Hatsune Miku. Being the leader of the team, she obtains a lot of skills in singing and her sweet and striking voice makes all her performances remarkable.
  • Megurine Luka. This pink-haired girl has a soothing, but strong appearance, which makes her the master of thought-provoking tunes.
  • Kagamine Rin and Len. In Project SEKAI you won’t find a more vigorous and cheerful duo than this one. They are complementing each other very well and this results in perfect synergy during the shows.
  • MEIKO and KAITO. These two singers present a perfect balance between masculine and feminine. Often sharing their thoughts about the next songs, they also perform together quite a lot.

Apart from the Vocaloids, in Project SEKAI you are also going to switch to the real world from time to time and engage in diverse conversations with original Human Characters. There are twenty of them in the game and they will amaze you no more than your friends from the digital world.

Plunge in the multiverse of music

Although Project SEKAI was intended for mobile devices, with the mods you can play the full version of the game on a pc as well. Take pleasure in the extraordinary shows and do your part in it. Go with the complicated sound combinations and let them combine in a pleasing song.

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