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Step into the world where incredible singers are all performing in unison, revealing their engrossing voices and provocative outfits. Project SEKAI is both about your skills and the sense of beauty. Only by combining these two things, you are going to end up with a high-peak performance.

Gameplay Project SEKAI

The game is brimming with various opportunities and you are free to select any of them. Take pleasure in singing one way or another, by following the plot or performing your favourite tunes straight away! In Project SEKAI, the rhythm is everything and your score depends on how you feel it.

Let the game introduce you to the main kinds of movements and start with the simplest, but catchy melodies. Train your reaction and improve your results with each pursuit. Project SEKAI engages you to get the highest ranks by giving you out lots of interesting prizes and powerful boosts.

Depending on the characters you are controlling, you may use certain improvements in the form of cards. Divided on the categories, they can significantly enhance the overall outcomes by improving some of your traits. Participate in the seasonal event and acquire special cards with unique effects.

To set up a perfect show, you need to think about the outfits as well! Project SEKAI has the appropriate option, so there will be no problem in changing a hero’s hair, clothes or accessories. Unlock the most adorable ones with your immaculate concerts.

Achieve the peak of the rankings

Develop your techniques and make your way to the first place on the list of the most skilful performers. Project SEKAI offers you multiple approaches, to help you rise on the ladder of success. Participate in the battles between your team and your friend’s one or embark on the challenging contest, confronting other players.

The game always presents the variability in selecting the tracks which you are going to sing, as new tunes are added all the time! Master your cherished melodies and prepare for brand-new ones. Featuring different heroes, the songs in Project SEKAI will give you diverse experiences, surprising you with their unforgettable charm.

Proceed from the easy difficulty level to the master one, gradually overcoming the obstacles on your way. Remember that the harder is the challenge, the bigger is the reward! In this game you may even make the difficulty custom and show the most unbelievable results.

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