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Listen to the charming voices of talented Vocaloids, watch their incredible movements and sing along! Project SEKAI is not a usual rhythm game, as it includes a multitude of curious features that will definitely interest any player. Enjoy various sets of tracks and try to perform all of them the best!

Gameplay Project SEKAI

In this project your prime activity will be creating spectacular shows with the help of your digital friends. Gather the whole team and unlock the complete spectrum of their enchanting singing styles. Among the six main Vocaloids, choose the ones which will participate in your own group and get ready to glow up!

Project SEKAI includes different kinds of motions that you will need to reproduce and each of them correlates with the appropriate sound. Slide to the left or to the right, press on a button to get a long note or tap them to get an energetic beat. Try not to get distracted, as every mistake counts.

Apart from the storyline, Project SEKAI has several other regimes that will be perfect for more experienced players. With your unique group that you have formed, reproduce the songs that you like, for your own pleasure, or while competing with other players.

The more you take part in various events, the higher the rating is. Visit multiple musical contests and confront master singers. Show them your exceptional sense of timing and immaculate visual style. The game also introduces elements of customisation, thus, your characters will be completely exclusive.

Meet cheerful performers

In Project SEKAI you are free to pick up anyone from the 26 artists. Comprise an unmatchable team with the widest vocal range and amaze others with an unforgettable show. Each hero has their own characteristics, from the appearance to the skills in performing.

Moreover, the game takes place in two universes at the same time! On one hand, there are colourful virtual singers in their digital realm and on the other hand, there are lots of talented people, living in the real world. Switch between the realms with the mysterious Untitled song and don’t miss any curious events.

In addition, there are various cards with all the heroes in the game. They are going to give you some temporal boosts, so it is worth collecting them in between your fantastic concerts. Make your record greater or return a part of your lives, there are lots of possibilities to acquire. Pay attention to the category of the card to know exactly where and how you will be able to apply it.

Although, there are also some special festival cards which can be obtained only during particular events. Check out the calendar with all the special occasions described in it and prepare for the awesome thematic shows. Will you be able to demonstrate the full scope of your artistry?

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